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AN OPEN LETTER TO META: Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, Facebook, and Instagram Teams,

I am writing to express my profound frustration and disappointment over an unresolved issue that has severely impacted our business. As the organizer of a family-friendly international film festival, we rely heavily on your platforms to share news, updates, and important information with our audience. However, our attempts to include our business website in any post are consistently blocked, citing a violation of "community standards." This is perplexing, as our festival and its content do not, in any way, violate your community guidelines or rules.

We have diligently reported this issue through your Help Center, adhering to all recommended procedures to rectify what we believe to be an error in your algorithms. Despite our persistent efforts and numerous reports, we have received no responses or resolutions, leading to increased frustration and significant challenges in promoting our events. It is particularly disheartening that while our organic posts are blocked, paid advertisements containing the same web address face no such issues. This inconsistency not only undermines our trust in the platform's fairness but also suggests a potential bias that could be interpreted as an attempt to push us towards paid promotions.

We plead for a fair hearing and a swift resolution to this matter. The blockage of our website on your platforms is costing us both business and money, hindering our ability to effectively communicate with our audience and promote our festival. We believe in the power of social media to connect communities and spread positive, enriching content, and we hope that you will address this issue with the seriousness it deserves.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to your prompt and just resolution.


Dewey Paul Moffitt

Festival Director

Puerto Aventuras International Film festival


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