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"Roswell Delirium" Takes Home 5 Awards at PAIFF!

PAIFF Awards Riviera Maya Mexico

"Roswell Delirium," directed by the award-winning Richard Bakewell, is a mesmerizing journey through a post-apocalyptic 1980s America. In this gripping narrative, we follow young Mayday as she attempts to contact her father in space, only to find herself embroiled in an intergalactic distress call that leads her to the mysterious Spacerock.

Bakewell, known for his exceptional work in cinematography and direction, brings a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation to this film. His experience, spanning over 19 years, shines through in the meticulous production and heartfelt storytelling.

The PAIFF committee’s feedback highlights the film's original concept, impressive performances, and lovingly nurtured production value. The overall impact of the film is undeniable. The eighties-era Easter eggs, strong acting, and emotional depth make "Roswell Delirium" a standout piece that resonates with audiences long after the credits roll.

Adding to its acclaim, "Roswell Delirium" has garnered multiple prestigious awards at the festival:

Best Feature: "Roswell Delirium" 

Best Supporting Actor - Feature: Anthony Michael Hall as “Jerry” in "Roswell Delirium"

Best Supporting Actress - Feature: Dee Wallace as “Betty” in "Roswell Delirium"

Best Cinematography - Feature: Carter Ross - "Roswell Delirium"

Best Original Score - Feature: Troy Van Leeuwen - "Roswell Delirium"

These accolades underscore the film's exceptional direction, writing, cinematography, and acting performances, making "Roswell Delirium" a must-watch for fans of character-based fantasy and sci-fi.

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