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Celebrating Excellence in Short Films Top PAIFF Awards: "Between the Words" and "Death Anniversary"

Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival Awards ceremony 2024

Two exceptional short films, "Between the Words" and "Death Anniversary," have recently garnered top prizes at the inaugural Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival, showcasing the talents of directors Farid Ismail and Armin Keshvari.

"Between the Words" – A Heartfelt Triumph

Directed by Farid Ismail, "Between the Words" won Best Short Film. It tells the story of Frédéric, a young law student struggling with a stutter, who must pass an oral exam. Ismail, who shares this condition, brings a deeply personal touch to the film, making it a tribute to those who struggle with stuttering. The committee praised its clear and heartfelt storytelling, which seamlessly weaves between Frédéric's past and present, evoking strong emotional responses.

"Death Anniversary" – A Visionary Masterpiece

Armin Keshvari's "Death Anniversary" earned the Best Director - Short Film and Best Visionary Cinematography awards. This film explores the relativity of time and its impact on life, presented through a seamless one-shot technique. The committee was impressed by the film's execution and innovative approach, with Milad Hosseini's cinematography adding a visionary quality that enhances its artistic impact.

Both "Between the Words" and "Death Anniversary" exemplify the power of short films to convey profound messages and evoke strong emotions. Farid Ismail and Armin Keshvari have created works that resonate deeply while pushing the boundaries of cinematic technique, showcasing the enduring power of the short film format.

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