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"Bumper" Wins Best First Feature Film at PAIFF!

"Bumper," directed by Selvakumar M, has won the prestigious Best First Feature Film award at PAIFF! This captivating film explores the contrasting journeys of two men—one driven by money and the other by humanity.

Selvakumar M, who has honed his craft as an assistant director under renowned Tamil film directors for over a decade, brings his wealth of experience to this debut feature. "Bumper" is a deeply personal project, inspired by Selvakumar's life experiences and the humane, religious, and harmonious individuals he has encountered.

The PAIFF committee praised "Bumper" for its engaging storytelling and unique characters, highlighting how it turned out to be highly entertaining. The film's heartfelt narrative and strong performances make it a standout debut that resonates with audiences.

"Bumper" is a must-watch for those seeking a compelling and thought-provoking cinematic journey. Selvakumar M's directorial debut promises a bright future in the world of filmmaking.

Bumper film poster at PAIFF


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