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"The Train & The Peninsula" Wins Best Editing - Documentary Feature at PAIFF!

"The Train & The Peninsula," directed by Sky Richards and Andreas Kruger Foncerrada, has been awarded Best Editing - Documentary Feature at PAIFF! This intimate portrait of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula delves into the environmental and social consequences of the controversial "Mayan Train" railway megaproject.

The documentary takes viewers on an immersive journey along the train's proposed route, highlighting the lives and reflections of the peninsula's inhabitants. It weaves together a collective narrative through incisive testimonies, revealing a human landscape rich with Mayan wisdom and vitality. The film captures the ideological and territorial battles fought in the ancestral land of the Maya, providing an urgent and profound look beyond the tourist paradise.

Sky Richards, with a BFA in Cinematography from EICAR International Film School in Paris, and Andreas Kruger Foncerrada, a Mexican artist exploring human relationships with space and territory, make their directorial debut with this powerful film. Their unique perspectives and storytelling abilities shine through, making "The Train & The Peninsula" a significant and thought-provoking documentary.

The PAIFF committee praised the film for its well-crafted look into the lives of those affected by this major development project, deeming it a very important film for the festival.

"The Train & The Peninsula" earned the following award at PAIFF:

  • Best Editing - Documentary Feature: "The Train & The Peninsula," Directed by Sky Richards and Andreas Kruger Foncerrada, Mexico

This documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in environmentalism, social issues, and the complex realities behind large-scale development projects. "The Train & The Peninsula" offers a poignant and enlightening cinematic experience.

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